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Hidden Kingdom

November 01, 2019

Hidden Kingdom – Fantastical Plants of the Western Ghats Hand-painted by Nirupa Rao Written by Suniti Rao Researched by Siddarth Machado and Prasenjeet Yadav About the Book Hidden Kingdom is a book of botanical […]

Six Years of JLR Explore

October 01, 2019

I still remember very clearly, one day over six years ago, when a passionate group of people walked into the boardroom of the Jungle Lodges & Resorts office on Race […]

A Cloud Called Bhura

September 13, 2019

A Cloud Called Bhura – Climate Champions To The Rescue Written by Bijal Vachharajani About the Book A Cloud Called Bhura is a novel for young readers that deals with the […]

The Wild Heart of India

June 15, 2019

The Wild Heart of India – Nature and Conservation in the City, the Country, and the Wild Written by T. R. Shankar Raman About the Book Wild—untamed, hostile, remote. Yet, wild can […]

Bird Business

June 12, 2019

Bird Business: Illustrated peeks into the daily lives of Indian birds Illustrated and written by Rohan Chakravarty   About the Book Birds soaring high in the skies have always captivated […]

Cities and Canopies

May 15, 2019

Cities and Canopies – Trees in Indian Cities Written by Harini Nagendra & Seema Mundoli   About the Book What lies at the intersection of history, culture and ecology in […]

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