Elephants and Gaur

September 11, 2020

Elephants, gaurs, sambar, ruddy mongoose, Malabar giant squirrels. BIRDS: Scarlet minivet, white bellied drongo, rocket tailed drongo, rawhite bellied woodpecker, plum headed parakeets, hill myna, crested serpent eagle, streak throated […]

Elephants & Gaur

September 10, 2020

Elephants,Gaur with calf,Sambar,Baraking deer and wild boar Birds Crested serpent eagle,orintel honey buzzard,crested hawk eagle,lesser flameback, white bellied drongo,green bee-eater,common hawk cuckoo, hill myna,black drongo

Tiger & wild dogs

September 07, 2020

Tiger, Wild dogs,Elephants,Gaur with calf,Sambar,Baraking deer and wild boar BIRDS: Created hawk eagle,brown fish owl, forest wagtails,green imperial pigeons, orange headed thrush,crested serpent eagle,common hawk cuckoo,malabar parakeets,white bellied woodpecker and […]

Elephants & Gaur

September 05, 2020

MAMMALS 2 group of elephants,gaur with calf,samabr,malaba gaint squirrel and wild boar Birds Malabar grey hornbill,white billed drongo,green bee-eater,green imperial pigeon,streak throated woodpecker

3 Tiger,Leopard,Wild dogs

September 04, 2020

MAMMALS 3 tiger, Leopard,wild dogs,elephants,gaur,sambar,wild boar Birds Brown fish owl,plum headed parkeets,hill myna,CHe,Cse

Tiger & wild dogs

August 30, 2020

Tiger,Wild dogs,Elephants,Gaur,Sambar,Barking deer Birds Strok billed kingsfisher,Malabar grey hornbill,indian treepie,brahminy starling,brown shrike,black-headed oriole

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