Tiger and 2 pack of wild dogs

October 04, 2020

Apart from that Group of elephants,gaur with calf,sambar,barking deer,wild boar BIRDS: Brown fish owl, white bellied drango, green bee eaters, white bellied woodpecker, plum headed parakeets, hill myna, crested serpent […]

Tiger and Sloth bear

October 03, 2020

Apart from that 3 pax of wild dogs,Elephants,Gaur,sambar,wild boar Birds Red necked vulture,lesser flameback,Rofus woodpecker,Malabar grey hornbill,Brown fish owl,shikra,common hawk cuckoo

2 Tiger and wild dogs

October 02, 2020

Apart from that elephants, gaur,sambar,wild boar,malabar giant squirrel,strip necked mongoose Birds Crested hawk eagle, white bellied drongo, rocket tailed drongo, white bellied woodpecker, plum headed parakeets, hill myna, crested serpent […]

Tiger,leopard and wild dogs

October 01, 2020

MAMMALS : Elephants,Heard of gaur,sambar,barking deer,wild boar,stripe necked mongoose BIRDS: Crested serpent eagle,orintel honey buzzard,crested hawk eagle,lesser flameback, white bellied drongo,green bee-eater,common hawk cuckoo, hill myna,black drongo, white bellied woodpecker […]

Wild dogs & Elephants

September 30, 2020

Apart from that, gaurs,Sambar, stripe necked mongoose, Malabar giant squirrel and wild boars. BIRDS: Forest wagtail, yellow wagtails, common hawk cuckoo,hill myna, crested serpent eagle, malabar parakeets, streak throated woodpecker, […]

Wild dogs &Sloth bear

September 29, 2020

Elephants,gaur,sambar,barkingdeer,wild boar, strip necked mongoose Birds Brown fish owl,malabar grey hornbill,balck drongo,hill myna,rosering parakeets,spotted owlets

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