Safaris in the southern part of the Nagarhole National Park are always exciting, be it on the game road or on the river. As a photographer, one has to be vigilant at all times, as photo opportunities may crop up at any time. I am always on the look out to make good pictures, irrespective of the subject or species.

Boat safaris on the river Kabini have an added advantage for tourists, as they provide an opportunity to watch wildlife from both Nagarhole and Bandipur forests. During summers, herds of elephants and gaur can be seen on both banks, feeding on fresh green grass or getting into the water for a bath and also to quench their thirst. This is the time when the water level goes down and flocks of River Terns make the dry banks their home. Other waders, herons, cormorants and darters can also be seen from a close distance. It is a photographer’s delight, sometimes even after the sun has gone down.

Returning from one such safari, I was enthralled to see this interesting silhouette with this arrangement of Little Cormorants against a spectacular twilight sky. Twilight provides a dramatic backdrop for some excellent photographs of silhouettes. The shape and form of the cormorants and their behaviour to sit still for many minutes makes them the perfect subjects for silhouettes. I decided to use a wide to medium telephoto zoom lens to capture this spectacular scene.

This image won an award in Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards in 2006.