This is an in-camera composed, penta-exposure photograph of an orb-weaver spider ambushing its prey.

Most orb-weaver spiders weave a new web every day and tend to be active during the evening hours. Having observed the spider every evening on the terrace of my house, I visualised this multi-exposure image, creating a beautiful bokeh from street lights and a store’s signboard, and framing the silhouette of the spider within. The first four exposures were framed by visualising the bokeh at different angles, while the last exposure was framed to capture the silhouette of the orb-weaver.

I was aiming to photograph urban wildlife in a creative way, to show the co-existence of these creatures in a human-dominated world.


The image was a runner-up in the ‘Young Photographer’ category at the Nature inFocus Photography Contest 2021.