After getting into wildlife photography, though I had been visiting jungles very frequently (almost once or twice a month) for close to 10 years, I had not seen a Tiger in the wild. That was the kind of luck I had with this big cat! I did not want to visit Bandhavgarh or other places to see it. My intent was to see it in the South-Indian jungles.

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This came true in Oct 2006, when I visited Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (It was still not a Tiger reserve then). Of course, I never used to go into the wild hoping to see a Tiger; that was never on my list. The sighting at Bhadra is usually dull. During the morning safari, I saw a herd of Gaur crossing the safari path. I was very excited to see Gaurs at Bhadra and asked the driver to stop. I started photographing this herd.

The driver looked back at me and asked what I was shooting. I said “Gaurs crossing the road”. To which, he said “Sudhir Sir, forget the Gaurs, shoot the two Tigers sitting on the road!!!”. That was the moment I had been waiting for, for 10 years! And, what a way to see and photograph them.

Obviously, from that distance, I could only see a huge patch of black Gaurs moving and missed seeing the two Tigers sitting on the road. That was a moment I will cherish all my life.