I was inspired by backlit macro photographs that some of my photographer friends had made and wanted to try them out myself. On a photography outing to one of my favourite locations near Bangalore, The Valley School, I spent a lot of time doing just this. After trying out backlit photographs of leaves, spiders and robberflies, I came upon a hairy caterpillar of a moth. It was almost midday and the sunlight was harsh. I could not use my flash as I did not have a remote trigger to use high shutter sync. So, I borrowed my friend Harshith’s flash and trigger and took his advice on the technicalities of the flash.

Once it was set right, the flash was held at an angle from behind the subject. After the first couple of shots, I noticed that the hair looked very interesting. I imagined them to be sparks and went on to shoot just the hair, up close.

For this image, I won the runner-up prize in the Creative Nature Photography category in the Nature inFocus Photography Awards, 2018.