Anuroop Krishnan photographed this slime mold in Agumbe. He won Better Photography’s ‘Photographer of the Year – 2012’ in the Macro Images category for this image. It was also one of the top 50 images in the Saevus Pixel Perfect contest.


About the image, Anuroop says, “I saw what looked like a fungi growing on wood. It was less then a centimeter tall, and looked like something from another world with light falling on its translucent head. At first I thought it was fungus, but some experts suggested that it might in fact be ‘slime mold’. Slime mold is a term that describes a group of organisms that use spores to reproduce. When we could not identify exactly what kind of a mold it was, I gave up trying to find out what it was, and started thinking about what it stood for. I began to wonder about the diversity of life that is supported by a rainforest. I was amazed by the possibility that there exists something in that magical world that is not known to us, that is yet to be discovered – that has managed to exist many million years but never in the same time or place as a human mind that considered it worthy of attention. Maybe it is right there as we walk past, arrogantly spouting scientific names describing and classifying life, as if we actually know something about it.”