A half-in half-out photograph lends a peek into the complexity and diversity of riverine spaces. This image was taken in a calm section of a river in the Bhimgad area of northern Karnataka. Protected by the Forest Department, and revered due to the presence of a small temple on the bank, these Mahseer do not view human beings as a threat. They were unperturbed by my presence and continued their activity without hesitation.
Capturing a moment in time both above and below the surface of the water, I use images like these to try and illustrate how everything in nature is connected. The health of the river and its inhabitants directly and indirectly affects the health of the surrounding forest, and its inhabitants. In the coming years, as freshwater becomes a commodity of increasing value with complicated usage rights, it is imperative that governments, private institutions and individuals come together to protect and rejuvenate these ecosystems – for their own sake as well as ours.