The image ‘Fumes of the Fly’ by Ganesh H.S is an iconic image not because of the depiction but for the way it has been depicted. This image has set many minds thinking that nature photography is not about capturing the scene but something far beyond.

This image went on to win in an international contest; the link is here:


This is what Ganesh had to say about creating this image:

‘I shot this image in the month of August, when the flowers in Lalbagh, Bangalore, were in bloom, and the butterflies were plentiful. This butterfly, the Tailed Jay, caught my attention because unlike the others, it constantly flapped its wings while sipping nectar. I thought this unique behavioural feature would translate into an interesting image if I could show the wings in motion, but keep the flower sharp. To keep the emphasis on the butterfly and the flower, I positioned myself in such a way that the background would be the shadow of a tree — the difference in exposure would render it black. I made this image with a 300mm F/4 lens set at about 1/13th of a second, so a sturdy tripod was essential. That day, I was shooting on Fuji Velvia transparency film, so there was no instant playback on the LCD to know whether I had actually got the image I’d envisioned. It took a few days to have the film processed, but I was very happy with the result.’