All Eyes..

Having shot many portraits of the Green Vine Snake, I wanted to come up with something new. One bright day, I found this snake just 10 feet away from my home, in a village near Sringeri. I shot a few photos from side angles. After a while, the snake was not bothered by my presence, so I experimented with different angles.  Since the snake was on an isolated plant, I was able to shoot from behind it.I’ve always been fascinated by the beautiful, popping eyes of vine snakes. An over-the-shoulder angle allowed me to showcase these crystal-like eyes along with the graceful curves of the snake. I knew that this would make a wonderful photograph if only I could get the focus right.  I slowly got into position to frame the eyes in the centre of the frame, while maintaining a neat, green background. This was the result – the ‘Divine Snake’.

This photograph was the winner in the ‘Amphibians and Reptiles’ category at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year (P.O.T.Y) 2014 awards.