On one of my regular walks around my apartment complex, I heard a loud screeching sound, as if a large vehicle had come to a sudden halt. Surprisingly, I heard the same sound at the same location during my second round as well; this time, I had to investigate! Suddenly, a large, white bird flew overhead and perched itself on a tree outside the compound wall. I was delighted because I knew I had just seen a Barn Owl. A while later, the owl flew to a corner of my building. On seeing this, I ran home to get my GoPro camera, which I set up to take a time-lapse, mainly to study why the owl was so interested in the building. I did this exercise for a few days, and discovered that the owl had a nest just below the roof of the building.

Barn Owls usually nest in the hollows of trees; sadly, with Bangalore’s rate of development, the city is losing most of those trees which usually sustain these birds. Fortunately for these owls, Akansh, a young boy who wants to become a marine naturalist, has taken these owls in, as a part of his family. A wall is all that there is, between the owl’s family and his home. He shares stories of his encounters with these beautiful birds, at his school.  Akansh and these owls share a special relationship, which gives us hope for the future.