The ‘Ant Line’ image featured here won Adithya Biloor the Runner-up image in the Nature in Black & White category at the BBC WPOTY 2011. This image was made at his farm.

His winning image’s link is here:


This is what he has to say about the image:


Creative vision_line 960x640

‘It all started with nothing! In the winter of 2010, I was thinking of creating visuals in nature with fresh perspectives. I had seen some beautiful non-nature images where white sky was used as a canvas and many graphical elements were placed on it. I took a cue from them. I am always fascinated by shapes and forms created by small creepers and torn leaves. One day, in my farm, I noticed a torn coconut leaf hanging mid-air, with lots of curves. I tried to make some images of it. The results were nice and new, but too simple and abstract.  As per suggestions from some senior photographers, I decided to improvise. I waited for 3 days for some life-form to move on the curvy black line of the leaf. Finally, an ant came there; probably, it had lost its way. It made very quick movements. I could take only 4-5 images, but, by then, I had taken the image I had in my mind’.