While trekking through the Bandaje-Arbi Falls route near the Kudremukh National Park in January 2019, I was looking for spiders on the trail to photograph. I briefly saw a huntsman spider being chased by a skink, however, the spider quickly climbed up a small plant and escaped the predator. Now, the skink had my attention and I started to photograph it.

But the skink wasn’t comfortable with me approaching and disappeared into the leaf litter, which was under some bushes. The entire area was under a dense canopy, which made for great lighting as the light filtered through all the layers. I waited for the skink to move into a good position and finally photographed it just as it peeped out from behind a dry leaf.

This image won Vedant Sapra the Second Runner-up prize in the Wildscape & Animals In Habitat category at the Nature inFocus Photography Awards, 2019.