Parag Rangnekar

Parag Rangnekar is an ecologist based in Goa. His work focuses on the documentation of lesser fauna, especially butterflies and dragonflies, as well as conservation action through community participation. He has 15 research papers and various articles to his credit, including the description of 2 species new to science. A species of wasp, Kudakrumia rangnekari, has been named after him for his contribution towards biodiversity documentation. He is an expert member on the Goa State Biodiversity Board, Invertebrate Conservation Information Network for South Asia, and founding president of Goa Bird Conservation Network. He was awarded the LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) Fellowship.

His travel company, Mrugaya Xpeditions, conducts birding & wildlife tours throughout India. He has been recognised for his efforts in responsible tourism and sustainable travel, and he operates an eco-resort in Amboli. He has authored ‘Catalogue on Birds of Goa’ for the WWF-Goa Chapter and the acclaimed ‘A Photographic Guide to Butterflies of Goa’.

Parag Rangnekar's Articles

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