10Vijay Mohan Raj IFS – Content Admin
Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
Known as VMR among wildlife circles, he has held various field positions including that of the Director of a Tiger Reserve. VMR is conversant with both, the harsh realities of the frontline staff of the forest department and the demands of the new eco-tourist. He brings with him the skills of a photographer, administrator and a conservationist. He has also authored a coffee table book – Daroji, an Ecological Destination. He is one of the founders of www.creativenaturephotography.net

11Karthikeyan – Chief Editor
Chief Naturalist, JLR
Karthik is the Chief Naturalist at Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd. He has about four decades of experience in teaching various age groups about nature. He brings an insight into the lesser known organisms and strives to create awareness about them. He also runs the popular JLR Naturalists Training Programme. His journal on nature is at www.wildwanderer.com

12Radha – Editor, Content

Traveller, photographer and wildlife enthusiast, Radha Rangarajan wanders, camera in tow. Fungi, elephants, moths, trees, people and ancient places fuel her imagination. She loves making fine art images of all things wild and free. She is most content in the jungle and dreams of visiting all the rainforests in the world. Her work can be seen at www.radha-rangarajan.blogspot.com

Raji – Editor, Content

Raji Sunderkrishnan is an architect who ironically dreams about moving out of the concrete jungle someday. Her idea of bliss is being surrounded by mountains, water or forests, and she especially enjoys traipsing through rainforests in the monsoons. She is an avid nature traveller, writer and photographer. Her travel writings and images can be seen at www.nomadandabag.blogspot.com

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