*17th Sep 2023 Morning Wildlife Sightings at Kabini**

*Mammals* : Two Leopards.

Two Leopards were sighted at different locations.
One was walking on the road and another One was sitting on the road and doing scent marking the tree.

Herd of Elephants,
Gaurs,Sambar deer, Barking
deer, Wild pigs, Spotted deers,
Malabar giant squirrel,Three Striped  palm Squirrel, Langur, Bonnet macaque,Stipe necked mongoose,

*Birds* : Jungle owlet, Blue bearded bee eater,Brown fish Owl,
Common hawk cuckoo,Southern Hillmyna, Green Imperial Pigeon, Crested hawk eagle, Crested serpent eagle, White bellied woodpecker,Little Cormorant,  Rufous treepie, Black drongo, Southern Hill Myna, Streak throated woodpecker, White cheeked Barbet, White throated kingfisher,Malabar Parakeet, Black hooded Oriole,  Greater racket tailed drongo,

*Reptiles* :


Indian Pond Terrapins.