Tiger & Leopard

November 23, 2019

MAMMALS Tiger was walking into the bushes Leopard was crossing on the main road  Apart from that Elephants, gaur, sambar, wild bora BIRDS Brown fish owl, Cse,Che, malabr grey hornbill, […]

Wild dogs & Elephants

November 18, 2019

MAMMALS Apart from that elephants gaur sambar wild bora BIRDS Brown fish owl, Cse,Che, white billed drongo, racket tailed drongo, hill myna, 

Tiger,Lepoard,Wild dogs,Sloth bear

November 16, 2019

MAMMALS Tiger was sitting next to the waterhole Lepoard was across the road pack of 4 wild dogs sitting beside the road Sloth bear walking into the bushes Apart from […]

Sloth bear with cubs & wild dogs

November 15, 2019

MAMMALS 3 wild dogs sitting next to the waterhole  Sloth bear with cubs crossing on the road Apart from that elephants, gaur, sambar,wild bora,stripe  necked mongoose BIRDS Brown fish owl, […]


November 14, 2019

MAMMALS Apart from that Sambar, wild bora, malabr gaint squirrels, Stripe necked mangoose BIRDS CHE,CSE, Spotted owlt, Shikra, Black drongo, Green-beater, plum headed parakeet,Strok billd kingdfisher REPITELS Rock python 

Sloth bear&Wild dogs

November 11, 2019

MAMMALS Pack of 6 Wild dogs was crossing on the road Sloth bear walking in to the bushes Apart from that Tusker with female grop of elphants, Gaur, Sambar, barking […]

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