Pair of Stripe Necked Mongoose crossing the road

February 03, 2015

Evening Sighting: Mammals: Elephants ,Gaur and Stripe Necked Mongoose¬† Birds: Crested Serpent Eagle , Lesser Yellow Naped Woodpecker , Asian Brown Fly Catcher , Large Grey Babbler……

Elephant herd with tusker,Gaur,Sambar,Barking Deer….

February 01, 2015

Morning SIghtings : Mammals : Elephant herd with tusker,Sambar and Barking Deer… Birds : Crested Serpent Eagle,Crested Hawk Eagle,Brown Fish Owl,Brown Shrike,Asian Paradise Flycatcher…

Elephants crossing the road…..

January 31, 2015

Morning Sightings : Mammals : Elephants crossing the road,Gaur and Sambar… Birds : Crested Serpent Eagle,Crested Hawk Eagle,brown shrike,Grey-Headed Fish Eagle….

Sighted a tusker in the water hole….

January 31, 2015

Evening Sightings : Mammals : Tusker in the water hole,Elephant herd with calf,Gaur and Sambar… Birds : Crested Serpent Eagle,Crested Hawk Eagle,Asian Paradise Flycatcher,Brown Shrike….

2 Tigers at diff places…..

January 30, 2015

Morning Sightings : Mammals : 2 Tigers at diff places, Elephants and Gaur,Barking Deer,Stripe-necked mongoose.. Birds : Short-toed snake eagle,Crested serpent eagle,Crested hawk eagle, Brown shrike…

Indian rock python with spotted deer kill…..

January 30, 2015

Evening Sightings : Mammals : Elephants and Gaur,Sambar,Barking Deer….. Birds : Crested serpent eagle,Crested hawk eagle,Brown fish owl,Brown shrike… Reptiles : Indian rock python with spotted deer kill……..

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