The Western Ghats – a mystical realm is a short documentary that takes us on a journey along the Western Ghats of Karnataka, showcasing the endemic species that make up the biodiversity hotspot. The documentary focuses on the variety of plant and animal life found in these rainforests. It highlights flagship species such as the Malabar Gliding Frog, Dancing Frog, Lion-tailed Macaque, and the King Cobra, eventually depicting the culturally diverse population that co-exists with wildlife in the ghats.

The film is my first attempt at documentary films. It started out as a student project to document footage while on the field and eventually translated to a short documentary film, thanks to the team behind this. The film earned recognition in Best Shorts Competition 2019, La Jolla, and was screened in the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF-2019), New York, in the respective student categories. Thank you to the team behind the film, and a special thanks to Gowri Shankar – Kalinga Foundation, Hingaara, The Edit Room, Honeycomb Creative Support, and everyone else who worked on this film.