‘Life in a Cave’ is a short video showcasing the rarely exposed ecosystem of a cave, where bats take on the role of the flagship species. The video shows the quest of a bat conservationist and a landscape photographer to document the ecosystem and life forms inside a lesser-known cave called Krishnapur Cave, located in Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary. The video has predominantly been shot with an infrared camera to document this challenging environment without disturbing the bats.  

Caves are an important habitat as they not only act as a shelter for some species, but are home to certain species that go through their complete lifecycle within their walls. The Krishnapur Cave is home to many diverse species, hosting bats, spiders, beetles, ants, rodents, lizards, roaches, crickets, crabs, etc, which have formed their own food chain in there. These caves are breeding grounds for many species of bats, and provide them shelter during the summer and monsoon seasons. The staff of the Karnataka Forest Department has diligently protected this cave environment and its surrounding habitat.