Embark on an epic journey with 100 year old Janaki and her grandson as they walk to the source of the river Kali deep inside the jungle from their tiny hamlet cut off from civilisation – a journey to keep alive an ancient tradition as they offer their prayers to the revered mother. 

Follow Kali as she nourishes land, life and culture as she journeys amidst the magnificent Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve. The film trails the elusive life of some of the area’s most spectacular species. Witness the life and story of the celebrated species of the area, the hornbills, and get a sneak peek into the mystical nocturnal world of rare cats.
The film also focuses on the life of people, their livelihood and the role of Kali in their lives. It also has a special feature on eco-tourism, a new wave in the area that has created a lot of sustainable opportunities. Rafting, Hiking and camping are just some of them.
We bring to you the some of the rarest and most spectacular wildlife from the area. With footage from aerial drones, underwater and hidden cameras, watch Kali and her landscape come to life in high definition.