Stones are great storytellers, and the true anchors of a landscape. Stones have been a great reference point over time, to provide bearings in any habitat. Nowhere else in the natural habitat does a single stone take precedence, like the Honnametti kallu (stone) – a natural, single stone with an elegant shape, and more importantly, its significant location atop one of the highest points of BR Hills. The Honnametti Stone is a striking natural point around which the BRT Tiger Reserve weaves its canopy in all directions, spreading far and wide. This stone is a great testimony to the land’s geography and to the vagaries of climate. It is not just a stone, but the very heart of the tiger reserve, and a truly deserving geological icon.

Honnametti, in Kannada, means ‘golden footprint’.

Like a true icon, the Honnametti Stone watches over vast swathes of forests in the BRT Tiger Reserve.

Endless magical moments surround this geological marvel, like this glorious evening view.

Perched atop a long, stone ridge, this free-standing rock draws attention to itself.

Life forms like these seasonal flowers sometimes compete with the rock for attention.

St. Johns Wort (Hypericum mysurens), a small shrub that is medicinally important, occurs all around the iconic stone.

The Honnametti Anti-poaching Camp (APC) is a crucial post for tiger protection.

Equipped with just bare essentials and a basic structure to protect the staff from the elements, this APC serves as a crucial base for logistics and protection.

Daily lives at a windswept, lonely place combine the hectic with the mundane.

Though located in a high-rainfall, shola forest zone, the camp’s high location necessitates the carrying of water for everyday use.

Nature uses seasons to showcase its contrasts, in these high mountains.

When fog surrounds the Honnametti Stone, the mood goes up by many a mile.