Bangalore has earned the epithet of ‘nature photographers’ capital’, and Karnataka is home to a large number of keen wildlife photographers. What better way to showcase their powerful imagery than through ‘Photo-Stories’?

Netrani Island

March 01, 2019

It was a fine summer morning in April, with blue skies and sea breeze, when I took my first plunge into the ocean: a step towards becoming a PADI certified […]

A Farmer’s Sojourn With Weaver Ants

January 01, 2019

I am a farmer by profession and a photographer at heart. I live in the midst of evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, in small village called Madodi, near Kodachadri […]


October 01, 2018

Ever since I got interested in nature, I have always had this feeling that there are creatures constantly watching me. Also, the feeling that I have missed more than I […]

The Macro World of an Urban Forest

September 01, 2018

Located right in the heart of South Bengaluru, JP Nagar has an unexplored green lung that remains almost invisible to most of the inhabitants of the area. Spread across many […]

Malabar Pied Hornbill

July 01, 2018

It all began when I came across an amateur video on social media, where I saw Malabar Pied Hornbills dust-bathing. The scene and the behaviour were so incredibly dramatic that […]

The Honnametti Stone

May 15, 2018

Stones are great storytellers, and the true anchors of a landscape. Stones have been a great reference point over time, to provide bearings in any habitat. Nowhere else in the […]

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