Bangalore has earned the epithet of ‘nature photographers’ capital’, and Karnataka is home to a large number of keen wildlife photographers. What better way to showcase their powerful imagery than through ‘Photo-Stories’?

Bar-headed Geese of Magadi

February 01, 2014

A congregation of Bar-headed Geese at Magadi Lake   Nestled in a sleepy village called Magadi about 20 kms from Gadag in North Karnataka is a village lake which comes […]


January 01, 2014

Music is the heart and soul of everything in nature. From the wonderful calls of avian and mammalian life to the rhythmic melody of leaves swaying in the breeze to […]

Tree Frogs of Karnataka

December 01, 2013

Frogs and toads have evolved over millions of years and are presently widely distributed across the globe. They belong to the order Anura (Anura – an organism without a tail, […]

Butterflies of Ganeshgudi

October 15, 2013

Old Magazine House is definitely heaven — where else would you be woken up by the call of the Malabar Whistling Thrush? Ganeshgudi, a birders’ paradise located near the Londa […]

Fungi For You

August 29, 2013

Come monsoon, we find them suddenly making their appearance like artistes on a stage! There are small ones and big ones, soft ones and hard ones, thin ones and fat […]

Insects of Agumbe

August 29, 2013

Rainforests are factories of life. Covering less than 6% of the of the land area on Earth, they are estimated to support more than 50% of the flora and fauna […]

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