Every time I step out in the wilderness, my eyes are always on the lookout for little critters, birds, and all that the natural world offers. One day, while out exploring Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore, I felt my arm dampen and looked up immediately, only to find that I had been peed on by a Cicada. Since I am always with a camera in hand, I did what I do best, and photographed the Cicada right away. 

Cicadas are known for their signature song, produced by males to attract females. The loud sound is made by the repeated movement of membranes that are present on either side of their abdomen. But such dedicated efforts of courtship require energy, and adult cicadas depend on tree sap for nourishment. Specialised digestive tracts allow them to consume in large quantities and quickly excrete the excess fluids. So the next time you feel droplets of water on your face on a cloudless day, know that it is probably a cicada showering you from up in the canopy.

This image was the runner-up in the ‘Animal Behaviour’ category at Nature inFocus Photography Awards 2020.