When photographers make their presence felt, can photography awards be far behind? ‘Iconic Images’ shines the spotlight on award-winning and rare photographs that have stories to tell. Photographers also share the thoughts and challenges behind their images, serving as an inspiration for others.

On a wing and a prayer

September 15, 2014

First, let me acknowledge the help I received from a few close friends for making this image. Setting up remote photo triggers is often an interesting challenge. Secondly, I don’t […]

Leaping Leopard

August 01, 2014

In a show of extraordinary nimbleness, a leopardess leaps over her mate on a narrow tree-branch to reach the other side. Photographer Giri Cavale captured this rare and unique visual in […]


July 01, 2014

One of the advantages of working in the forests is that the residences are in sprawling tree laden campuses, often at the edge of the forests. Birding happens right around […]

The Lone Tusk

June 01, 2014

The author Ameen Ahmed with the elephant tusk recovered from the forest floor near Sugalhatti I was in one of the teams of the Elephant Census 2007. Near Sugalhatti in Bhadra […]

Elephant Charge

May 01, 2014

During summer in Kabini, you will not find a single elephant. You will find at least a hundred,” said a board put up in the dining area of the resort […]

The Assassination

April 01, 2014

This image reveals a worker Jumping Ant – Harpegnathos saltator – murdering the queen. The queen had just torn off her own wings after a successful mating and was scouring […]

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