India’s natural areas are gaining increasing appreciation for their beauty and also their inherent value of being ‘natural capital’. Most protection efforts are however focused only on designated wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves, while lesser-known natural areas face a high degree of pressure for development. We bring these ‘Unexplored Areas’ into focus, so that their intrinsic value and need for protection are highlighted.

The Hills of Kabbe

July 15, 2022

The Chelavara river originates as a spring in the hills of Kabbe, in Kodagu. As it flows down the steep gradient, it picks up momentum and tiny feeder streams add […]

Monsoon Walks at Anshi

May 15, 2022

Some journeys bloom in the monsoons. I felt this as I drove through the winding roads of the coastal belt of the Western Ghats, witnessing sunrays peer hesitantly through the […]

Gummanayakana Kote: the fort on the hill

March 01, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the lives of senior citizens like myself and my husband. Having slogged in government jobs for several decades, we were enjoying our retirement by traveling. With […]

Sizing Up Bhairavadurga

December 15, 2021

After a long spell of rain put paid to our plan for a weekend trip, a sudden stint of clear skies and light breeze made for the perfect day hike […]

Udupi, Kundapura and Byndoor: of waders and mangroves

October 15, 2021

Karnataka, as I have realised over the years, is a region that truly embodies its tagline – one state, many worlds. Drive through the Western Ghats region in the west, […]


August 01, 2021

Hilltop temples hold a special fascination for me, especially those that can only be accessed on foot. The changing flora, fauna, and views as you go higher, paths steeped in […]

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