A visit to nature is a healing experience for many. Pondering over nature’s creations under the guidance of a nature-interpreter can increase the experience manifold because it helps in better appreciation. ‘Naturalist’s Corner’, by JLR’s naturalists, has been tailored to bridge this knowledge-gap most enthusiasts face, ensuring that your journey into nature is an ever-increasing learning curve.

Tree-nesting Ducks

April 01, 2021

Ducks. For most, including birdwatchers, the moment the word is heard, we are compelled to imagine a waterbody where one can see these birds swimming/floating on the water. True. Ducks […]

The Pongam

February 01, 2021

A large plot of land with ample vegetation and a residential structure in the middle – this was very typical of old Bangalore. As a kid I grew up in […]


December 01, 2020

As I walked through some shrubbery on a summer morning, I noticed something take to the air. It looked somewhat like a dragonfly, albeit, the flight was very different – […]

Cuckoo Wasp

September 01, 2020

My bags were packed and I was all set to head back home after a couple of days in the wild. I came out of my room having completed the […]

Leafcutter Bees

July 01, 2020

Recently, while standing on the 17th floor of an apartment and catching up with friends, I noticed a little green leaf fly towards me! This caught my attention. It didn’t […]

Lockdown Surprises

May 01, 2020

I work as a naturalist with Jungle Lodges & Resorts, at the River Tern Lodge in the Bhadra Tiger Reserve. When the entire country went under lockdown due to the […]

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