A visit to nature is a healing experience for many. Pondering over nature’s creations under the guidance of a nature-interpreter can increase the experience manifold because it helps in better appreciation. ‘Naturalist’s Corner’, by JLR’s naturalists, has been tailored to bridge this knowledge-gap most enthusiasts face, ensuring that your journey into nature is an ever-increasing learning curve.

Displaying Lizards

May 15, 2022

I had just opened my eyes to Nature, having been introduced to birdwatching. I quickly took to this new activity and forayed often and regularly to the surrounding wilderness areas. […]

Sea Slater

April 01, 2022

A casual stroll on the beach at Devbagh along the west coast of Karnataka got me interested in crabs. A fascination that started with fiddler crabs eventually spread to the […]

The Flying Carpenter

January 15, 2022

Buzzzz, kerrr, buzzzz… I was woken up from my midnight slumber after a difficult day of field work by a buzzzz followed by kerrr… I jumped out of my bed, […]

The Chorus of Cicadas

November 01, 2021

A few tentative clicks quickly broke into a continuous high pitched whirring sound. Before I could realise, the entire forest was abuzz with this sound. It was so loud that […]

Ant Homes: a piece of art

September 01, 2021

Ants are all too familiar to us. Some of us look at ants in admiration while some others are scared; some of us may look at them with disgust; some […]

Termite Treats

June 15, 2021

It was late afternoon. The first rains of the season had come down after a lot of drama – gusts of wind, thunder and lightning. The rainfall itself was a […]

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