Here is a unique opportunity to hear stories from the dirt tracks of the jungles: to smell the earth through people who have made forests a part of their lives. ‘From the Field’ showcases people like ecological historians, wildlife researchers, or forest department staff, and the challenges they face in their daily lives and professions. Learn from their insights on a broad spectrum of topics, gained through extensive studies and hands-on experiences.

Moths by the Ripples

March 01, 2021

A ‘plop’ on my head and I looked up as a seed from the Ziziphus glabrata tree dropped on me. There it was, a greyish blackish furry animal perched right […]

Centipedes: living fossils

January 01, 2021

Centipedes have been crawling on earth for more than 420 million years. To give some perspective, the genus Homo to which we belong has been on earth for only around […]

Snails on Cliffs

September 15, 2020

Waterfall is a word we often associate with greenery, a respite from the summer heat, vacations, and lots of photographs. How many times do we think of the word ‘snail’ […]

Butterflies in the Grasslands and Forests of the Western Ghats

June 15, 2020

I have been observing butterflies as long as I can remember. Little did I know that I would go on to do my Ph.D. using butterflies as my model system. […]

Karnataka’s Rivers: Lifelines of South India

April 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered what the age of our rivers is? For instance, did you know that the rivers that flow in Karnataka are older than the mighty Himalayas? Karnataka […]

A Tiger on a Tree

January 15, 2020

Most people who have seen a tiger in the wild have a story to share. My story is definitely unusual, for, I didn’t go looking for one. I was studying […]

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