Here is a unique opportunity to hear stories from the dirt tracks of the jungles: to smell the earth through people who have made forests a part of their lives. ‘From the Field’ showcases people like ecological historians, wildlife researchers, or forest department staff, and the challenges they face in their daily lives and professions. Learn from their insights on a broad spectrum of topics, gained through extensive studies and hands-on experiences.

The Secret Kingdom Beneath Our Feet

September 15, 2023

Without fungi, life is unimaginable. They are the healers, regulators, sensors and supporters of the biosphere. The earthy aroma, the endless forms and the exciting colours of mushrooms become discernible […]

The Tale of the Wasp That Made Pots

August 01, 2023

One day, I spotted a curious-looking structure on the wall of my house. On close examination, turned out to be a wasp building a house – a nest made of […]

An Introduction to Monodominance

July 01, 2023

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘monodominance’? I thought of a monoculture plantation that has the same kind of trees packed closely together in a space […]

The Enchanting Forest Canopy

May 15, 2023

When we think of a garden, we think of plants and when we think of plants, we think of soil. It must come as a surprise to many of us […]

A Safari Through the World of Ants

April 01, 2023

How many ants are there on Earth? When we were children we often asked such riddles and answered with ridiculous numbers. But today we have a scientific answer. According to […]

Sighting the Singalika

February 01, 2023

Singalika – the name echoes around the still forests of Kudremukh National Park. Birdsong fades as I scan the trees, my eyes squinting in the hot sun. The dense leaves […]

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