Karnataka is the emerging hub of nature research and education. It also dons the mantle of ‘Elephant State’ and ‘Tiger State’ of India. In addition to these mega fauna, our forests have a lot to offer. ‘Focus’ does just that, with detailed articles focusing on a specific species. Flora or fauna, big or small, we’ve got it covered.

Bee-eaters of Karnataka

March 01, 2016

Walking through a grassland or a forest clearing, one often comes across a colourful bird gliding gracefully, snapping loudly in mid-air and returning to its perch. Welcome to the world […]

Moths.. The winged wonders of the night

January 15, 2016

Most commonly referred to as dull, drab and brown, these winged visitors of the night are far from boring. Moths are extraordinarily diverse in color, shape and size; intricate patterns […]

Sunbirds and Spiderhunters

December 01, 2015

Pollination is an important process in the scheme of things in Nature. Plants go to great lengths to achieve this – wind, animals, bats, birds, water and insects have all […]

Bats of Bengaluru

November 01, 2015

Bats are one of the most misunderstood species due to their nocturnal nature, and are marred with myths. The moment one sees a bat flying around, one exclaims Yikes! Ouch! […]

Chronicling the Chinkara Conservation

October 01, 2015

From a land well known for the hunting hound – the Mudhol hound – pulling off a Chinkara Sanctuary does not just speak of the efforts of humans, but also […]

Kingfishers of Karnataka

September 15, 2015

Kingfishers are small to medium-sized colourful birds belonging to the order Coraciiformes, with large heads, long pointed bills, short legs and stubby tails. They have a very wide distribution, and […]

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