Karnataka is the emerging hub of nature research and education. It also dons the mantle of ‘Elephant State’ and ‘Tiger State’ of India. In addition to these mega fauna, our forests have a lot to offer. ‘Focus’ does just that, with detailed articles focusing on a specific species. Flora or fauna, big or small, we’ve got it covered.

Termites: Ecological Indicators

December 15, 2017

Did you know that termites are believed to be indicators of the health of an ecosystem? I know what you must be thinking: Termites? Those annoying pests that must be […]

Insect Ninja: Praying Mantis

October 15, 2017

Mantis, more popularly known as the Praying Mantis (owing to the way its front pair of legs are held, raised up, as if in a position of prayer) is one […]

Gull Power

September 01, 2017

Field-work is never without an element of comic relief. In my case, a very great deal of it comes from an unlikely bunch of creatures: seagulls. Over the course of […]

Larks of Karnataka

July 15, 2017

Alaudidae. A name that is derived from the Celtic word Alauda (according to the Roman naturalist and philosopher Pliny the Elder). Alauda translates to “great sound” in that language. An […]

Common Ants of Karnataka: Part 2

June 01, 2017

Read the first of this two-part series on the common ants of Karnataka, here:  ­­­Common Ants of Karnataka: Part 1 The Harvesters On a hot afternoon, when all appears silent […]

Common Ants of Karnataka: Part 1

April 15, 2017

Life is prolific, and time has caused life to evolve into a multitude of forms. Many groups have evolved and emerged victorious in this race of evolution, employing strategies which […]

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