A Field Guide to the Spider Genera of India is an illustrious book documenting 350 genera of spiders belonging to 63 families. It includes 1100 photographs, illustrations and descriptions along with an introduction to the evolutionary history of spiders.

This book has been designed with some innovative ideas, one of them being the contents of the book are colour coded according to the phylogenetic groups.

The book covers the morphology of spiders with brief notes on their natural history. There are comparative drawings of several genera which will help the reader to look at and understand differences between two genera and make identification easier.

A book gives us a static databank. But in this book the authors have broken this barrier! A QR code has been provided for bibliography, supplementary materials, erratum and glossary. An interested reader could scan it with a smartphone and access the information any time. This also allows the authors to add more data from time to time to keep the book updated.

This compilation is an outcome of the demand and support of the massive citizen science community in India, which will further encourage more spider enthusiasts across the Indian subcontinent.

It is authored jointly by citizen scientists and researchers Ayan Mondal, Debomay Chanda, Atul Vartak and Siddharth Kulkarni who suggest in the book that such a collaboration can accelerate biodiversity documentation in India.

The goal of this book is to encourage the reader to appreciate and understand the incredible diversity of spiders, both in India and the world beyond.

The book is available here: https://sskspider.com/product/spiderbook/