The rainforests of Agumbe are rich in herpetofauna. Famous as the homeland of King Cobras, these forests have become a nature enthusiast’s muse for sighting, photographing and learning about snakes. Agumbe is a part of the Central Western Ghats where 71 species of snakes, comprising over 20 genera are found. A database of the list of snakes found in the Central Western Ghats with a special focus on Agumbe, was compiled at Kālinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology (KCRE), an environmental education organization. A poster was created with this compilation, which now serves as a reference for trekkers, photographers and students exploring these forests.

Mr. Poonacha Machhaiah, the CEO of Above Solutions, is an inspirational innovator and took this database to the next level by volunteering to create an android app. The app lists the snakes found in Agumbe with data points like – common and scientific names; specification on whether the snake is venomous, mildly venomous or non-venomous; the distribution, size, morphological descriptions, behaviour and food habits. Scientific descriptions were voluntarily left out with the prime idea of promoting simple learning for the common man. First aid for snakes bites and the list of do’s and dont’s on spotting a snake is included. Trivia on snakes was included to excite people to explore further.

The Snakes of Agumbe app can be downloaded here


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