Second Nature: Saving Tiger Landscapes in the Twenty-First Century

Sanjay Gubbi


Beneath Sanjay Gubbi’s gentle demeanour lies Gandhian tenacity. Gubbi’s home state of Karnataka preserves some of the healthiest tiger landscapes in the world, thanks in part to his dogged commitment to achieve the seemingly impossible — reroute highways that lie inside the core areas of tiger reserves, restrict traffic through national parks at night, ensure better working conditions for forest staff, and, importantly, meticulously map and link the state’s fragile protected areas. Most amazing of all, he has done this while collaborating with labyrinthine government departments.

Second Nature is Gubbi’s forthright account of how he has achieved this, rallying support from unexpected quarters under trying conditions, while reaching out to the powers that be in Bengaluru and New Delhi. He paints a picture that is at once optimistic and sombre, and ultimately, one that requires people to band together constantly to save what is left of what is most beautiful on earth.

Map by Sangeetha Kadur

About the Author 

Sanjay Gubbi is a scientist studying big cats like leopards and tigers in the wild. As a conservationist, he has achieved the remarkable feat of linking 21 reserves in Karnataka to reduce the impact of habitat fragmentation. He was awarded the prestigious Whitley Award in 2017. He serves on several government committees including the State Board for Wildlife. He is especially keen on popularising conservation through local languages.


‘Second Nature’ has been published by Rainfed Books and is available for sale in India at Rs 499.