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Moving Waters Film Festival

September 12, 2016

71% of our planet’s surface is covered with water. Our seas and rivers sustain us, keep us alive, but we know little about them. We know less about the ocean […]

From Soup to Superstar

August 15, 2016

Tigers, elephants, lions and other large mammals have so far been central to India’s conservation story. In spite of the country’s vast coastline and millions being dependent on marine resources […]

Book Release – Nature in the City: Bengaluru in the past, present and future

June 15, 2016

About the Book In a rapidly urbanising India, cities have emerged as places of conflict between people and nature. What is the future for conservation in Indian cities? Nature in […]

Bird Explorer India

May 15, 2016

India is fast becoming a country with one of the largest number of nature enthusiasts discovering the amazing world of birds. With close to 1300 species of birds in the […]

Endemic Bird Day 2016

May 01, 2016

The heat of the summer across most of India forces many birds to move north to their breeding grounds and many birders also retreat to the shelter of their homes […]

A Birder’s Handbook to Manipal – 2nd Edition

April 01, 2016

Manipal is a small but fast-growing university town located in the Udupi district. Situated atop a laterite plateau along the coastal plains, it is located favorably between the Western Ghats […]

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