“Going for a walk in an Indian forest with Dr. AJT Johnsingh is simply one of the finest experiences you can have in life. There is his good humour. There is the joy in his steps when he is walking in the forest. He walks to live, and lives to walk – and it shows. And you feel good because he is so at home in the forest. He is ever alert, completely aware of all that is going on around him. Dr. Johnsingh is legendary for his ability to find and see wildlife: nothing goes unnoticed. And if you are impressed with his enthusiasm on a walk in the forest, just wait until you go looking for mahseer with him.” – John Seidensticker.

This is so very true. Anyone who has been on a walk with Dr. Johnsingh in the wild will vouch for it. His enthusiasm to share knowledge, and the curiosity to learn, can be infectious. He ensures that he pens down every new learning in the little notebook that he always carries.

‘On Jim Corbett’s Trail and Other Tales from the Jungle’ is a much-awaited book of nature writings by India’s most respected naturalist, Dr. AJT Johnsingh. He takes you deep into the forests of India and addresses the major concerns that plague conservation today. He writes in a style that is so typically Johnsingh. As you read the lucid and simple prose, you become part of the story and the experience itself.

In the book, Dr. Johnsingh writes about Corbett’s landscape, his inspiration from Jim Corbett since he was a young child, and the issues at the heart of the conservation debate across India from his recollections of his trips to our national parks and reserves. The book also carries a homage to Dr. Johnsingh’s close friend and forester, Shri. AS Negi, and ends with a beautifully illustrated story the author wrote inspired by a true incident on man-animal conflict.

This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of India’s environment.