JLR explore has evolved over a period of nine years as one of the richest repositories of Karnataka’s natural history. The documentation of natural history plays a significant role in giving context to a particular time, and serves as the baseline data for any researcher or explorer to understand the dynamics of nature at different timelines. 

The articles on JLR Explore range from large mammals to insects, natural history to travel experience, advocacy to administration, and awareness to awakening. The contributing authors are from a variety of fields: scientists and researchers, forest managers, nature lovers, naturalists, travellers, and wildlife photographers. Each of their documentation has its own importance. The archival value of all the articles is immense and I wish to see a collection of these articles as a publication.

It gives us great satisfaction that JLR Explore is being liked, read and followed by many across India and the world. Behind its success is a most dedicated and committed team working tirelessly. It is truly admirable and appreciable.