There is a rapidly growing interest in wildlife and thousands of urbanites head to wildlife parks to pursue their interest in hobbies like photography or just enjoy being amidst nature. Bangalore is known to be the city in India with the maximum number of nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Unfortunately, most of these enthusiasts are mainly focused on large and charismatic mammals like the big cats. Elephants and birds are normally not noticed. The first Karnataka Bird Festival aims to put birds and bird-watching in focus. It also aims to draw attention to conservation of birds and raise the attention of nature enthusiasts and general public towards the significance of birds and the important role they play in the ecosystem.

There are many exciting events at the Bird Festival to engage and stimulate visitors and delegates. There is a bird photo exhibition displaying amazing images taken by many of the talented photographers of Karnataka. Talks and presentations by eminent birders and naturalists will keep the delegates engaged. There are workshops on bird photography by leading gurus in this field like Sumit Sen and Sudhir Shivaram. Guided bird watching not only at Ranganathittu but at many other locations like Bandipur, Kabini and BRT is aimed to popularize bird-watching among the visitors.

Finally there will be a bird race and a quiz on birds by the eminent Bikram Grewal.

Come to the Karnataka Bird Festival and join us in celebrating our birds!

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