Children have an innate curiosity and wonder about the natural world, which often gets lost while growing up. How can we nurture and develop this curiosity to build a deep and lifelong connection with nature? Research has shown that an early association with nature, guided by an adult mentor (parent or teacher), can have many emotional and physical benefits for a child. We at Early Bird believe that birds are the perfect starting point for this journey, since they are beautiful, accessible and interesting.

This is a handbook to inspire and equip educators with tools to engage children about the wonder of birds, with play and art-based learning. It draws from the ideas and experiences of many nature educators, and includes a compilation of tips, tricks, activities, games, projects, and more that can be tried out with children. A print version will be forthcoming soon; until then, you can browse through it in a flipbook format, or download a PDF for offline viewing.

Beautifully illustrated by Saumitra Deshmukh and designed by Aditi Elassery, this handbook is a visual delight. The evocative line drawings create an instant connection with the subject and bring focus to the importance of art-based learning for nature education. The handbook features more than 60 games and creative activities, giving the educator a wealth of ideas to explore and adapt for their use.

The idea behind this handbook is summed up in this quote by David Sobel – “If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then we must allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.” We hope that the handbook will convince educators to not feel limited by their perceived lack of knowledge or understanding of the natural world, and take the plunge, along with their children, to explore, discover and appreciate the fascinating world of birds! 

‘Handbook for Bird Educators’ is available for free download at:

Author Info:

Garima Bhatia – A former engineer, Garima is obsessed with birds and enjoys sharing her passion with others. In her spare time, she dreams about creating games around Indian birds.

Abhisheka Krishnagopal – An artist and ecologist by training, Abhisheka uses her experience in field ecology and the medium of art to communicate about birds and nature.

Suhel Quader – A wildlife biologist by training, Suhel now spends most of his time thinking of how to spread the love and appreciation for birds and nature to as many people as possible.