Bangalore is a hub for a lot of environment and conservation activities. It is also a city with a large number of nature and wildlife photographers. Many travel widely across Karnataka, besides being guests of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd; a good number of them active bloggers too. An informal conversation among nature lovers over coffee led to an idea to collate interesting travel/nature stories. This effort required a sturdy platform and crowd-sourcing of stories to make it sustainable. JLR came forward to host and facilitate this endeavour. Being headquartered in Bangalore made things convenient and helped give shape to this idea and lift it off the ground. This is how JLRExplore was born.

A sense of clarity of purpose emerged as we gave ourselves time and listed a variety of topics to work with. Many people started pitching in with their stories with a lot of enthusiasm.

There is also a large pool of photographic talent around. This talent had to come together to tell compelling visual stories on diverse subjects and habitats of Karnataka. To catalyze concrete action towards this end, JLR hosted an exploratory conclave at Galibore. Nature writers, photographers and contributors were part of this gathering. As it turns out, this conclave might very well become an annual feature at JLRExplore.

We evolved slowly with tremendous support from JLR guests and fellow bloggers. We made minor changes to the design and content as and when the need was felt. A year has passed by without looking back and we still feel that we have only scratched the surface! During our first year, we have gathered a community of nature lovers who not only enjoy nature but are also keen to read up on the many facets of nature. We are in the process of beginning a wide range of initiatives as we step into the second year of our existence. We invite you to come forward and contribute your photos and stories while we continue to facilitate this process to the best of our abilities.

My team consisting of Karthikeyan S, Radha Rangarajan and Raji Sunderkrishnan has been amazing. They are the most hardworking and efficient team I have ever met. I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed in their own way to help JLRExplore take its first baby steps in bringing you a complete nature experience.