Discovering Bengaluru: History. Neighbourhoods. Walks

Written and Edited by Meera Iyer

About the Book

Discovering Bengaluru walks you through a past that is still present in Bengaluru. Packed with over 225 visuals including archival maps, photographs – both old and new – and documents, the book is part history and part walking-guide. It tells the stories of the streets where people lived, where battles were fought, and where little marvels of architecture, culture or nature are still found around almost every corner. It focuses on history that you touch and feel for yourself.

Each of the nine chapters has an introduction that covers the history and evolution of a particular neighbourhood, followed by a heritage walk or two that you can take through that area. It encourages you to go out on your own journey of discovery by walking through the city. Whether you are a visitor to Bengaluru or a resident, this book is essential reading for you to discover and understand the city!  

The book has contributions by Hita Unnikrishnan, B Manjunath, Harini Nagendra, Krupa Rajangam, Karthikeyan S, and others.


Discovering Bengaluru is published by INTACH and can be purchased at their office in Bengaluru, besides some of the leading bookstores in the city.