Bird Business: Illustrated peeks into the daily lives of Indian birds

Illustrated and written by Rohan Chakravarty


About the Book

Birds soaring high in the skies have always captivated the young and the old alike. But even as they entice people with their beauty and theatrics, they also inspire awe, often leaving behind a trail of questions in the minds of the onlookers like what do they do and how do they live. Guide books seldom answer these questions and to fill in the gap comes ‘Bird Business: Illustrated peeks into the daily lives of Indian birds’. The author, Rohan Chakravarty, combines his deep love for birds with his creative skills to provide a biographical peek into the daily lives of a hundred Indian birds – the way they hunt, mate, collect nectar, soar, creep or play the attentive ward to their chicks.

Migrants, residents, endemics, endangered – all find a place in Bird Business. The fun-filled visuals and effortless narration highlight the specialities of each bird species, endearing it even to a reader unfamiliar with the world of birds.

For the birdwatchers, the book aims to spice up their romance with the feathered creatures, and for the uninitiated, it promises to entice them into the riveting world of birds.What’s more, the book strikes a chord with readers of all ages and all walks of life.

About the Author

A cartoonist, illustrator and animation designer, Rohan Chakravarty hails from Nagpur. A memorable encounter with a beautiful tigress bathing in a Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary waterhole led him to give up a career in dentistry and take up drawing for wildlife and conservation. He is the creator of Green Humour, a series of comic strips about nature.

He has also illustrated varied aspects of wildlife for organisations across the globe. He has won many accolades like the WWF International President’s Award, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s ‘Earth Heroes’ Award among others. Rohan has travelled across countries to illustrate projects and simplify wildlife for the layman and make it more interesting for children through his illustrated children’s books.


‘Bird Business’ can be purchased on Amazon.