Scorpions are an integral part of most landscapes, being largely represented in dry habitats to wet rainforests and being notably absent from the poles. These are some of the most well studied arachnids largely due to their medical importance and also perhaps their role as biological pest controllers. However, scorpion study is not very popular in India. Only a single book published way back in 1983 by native Indian researchers from the Zoological Survey of India still serves as a bible for anyone interested in Indian scorpions.

India is home to over 120 species (certainly a gross underestimation!) in twenty five genera under six families and the number of species increases each year with more exploration across the country. Despite this diversity, scorpions remain poorly studied in India. The first major compilation was by British zoologist Reginald Innes Pocock in the year 1900 and about 83 years later, B. K. Tikader and D. B. Bastawade published a much more detailed and comprehensive book on Indian scorpions with several new species which till date serves as one of the best reference guides for scorpions of Indian subcontinent. In the recent past, researchers from Germany and Paris have made valuable contributions to our understanding of Indian scorpions. However, contributions by native researchers remain relatively poor.

In an attempt to popularize scorpions among naturalists and researchers, a pictorial app on common Indian scorpions was launched. The app presents details of thirty eight species under fifteen genera from across India. It is hoped that this app is useful not only to naturalists but also to people seeking help in identification of scorpions for venom research in the country.


The app has been developed by Reality Premedia Services Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Zeeshan A. Mirza and Rajesh V. Sanap. Zeeshan and Rajesh together have described several new species of scorpions from across India and have travelled extensively to document arachnids of the country. The app is a compilation of stunning high resolution images of scorpions from across India with brief notes on their identification and distribution. With every update, the app will not only improve in terms of its user interface but will also include more species images and updates of new species recorded from the country.

The app can be downloaded for iPhones and iPad from the following link:

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