S. Ramani

Dr. S. Ramani is presently at the Department of Entomology, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Campus, Bengaluru. He joined the Agricultural Research Service of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in 1985, served in different capacities and retired in 2011 as Project Coordinator (Honeybees and Pollinators). His areas of specialisation are pollination, biological control and taxonomy. He has published more than 45 research papers and several popular articles on insects. He is the lead editor of a recently published book ‘Indian Insects- Diversity and Science’. Promoting the appreciation for insects and their wondrous lives among the young is his passion. His other interests and hobbies include trekking and reading. Collecting insect stamps has been his hobby for nearly four decades.

S. Ramani's Articles

May 01, 2022
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