8th February 2020 Evening Sightings at Kabini:

Mammals :

Overall 6 Tigers ūüźĮ,

( mother with a cub walking across the road, other two cubs sitting in the bushes,

Other tiger walking across the road,

And the another tiger sitting beside the road).

Sloth bear walking across the road.

Pack of 3 wild dogs walking beside the road.

Elephants, Gaurs, Sambar, malabar giant squirrels, stripe necked mangoose, ruddy mangoose and wild boars.

Birds: Osprey, grey heron, crested serpent eagle, streak throated woodpecker, white bellied drongo.common hawk cuckoo.white bellied woodpecker and Malabar parakeets.

Reptiles : Crocodilesūüźä.