13th January 2020 evening sightings at kabini:


overall 12 Tigers 🐯,

Tigress with 2 cubs ran across the road,

3 sub adults walking across the road,

Tigress with a cub walking across the road,

Tiger walking across the road,

Tiger was drinking water in the pond,

Tiger walking across the road,

Tiger sitting beside the road).

Black panther walking beside the road,

Leopard with cub walking across the road.

Apart from that elephants 🐘🐘, gaur, sambar, stripe necked mongoose and malabar giant squirrels.


Created hawk eagle, osprey, yellow wagtail, green imperial pigeons, crested serpent eagle, common hawk cuckoo, grey headed fish eagle, malabar parakeets, white bellied woodpecker and paddy field pipet.

Crocodiles 🐊.