Bangalore has earned the epithet of ‘nature photographers’ capital’, and Karnataka is home to a large number of keen wildlife photographers. What better way to showcase their powerful imagery than through ‘Photo-Stories’?


January 15, 2017

I was always intrigued by wide-angle mammal perspectives. Back in 2009, I built my camera trap kit, and had no clue where to use it, since permissions were required to […]

Arboreal Frogs of Castlerock

December 01, 2016

It is unbelievable but true that there exists an interesting group of frogs that spend their entire life on leaves, small branches of shrubs, or on trees. They are commonly […]

Camouflage Capers

August 01, 2016

Ever since my interest in nature developed, I have always had a feeling that there are creatures constantly watching me. Also, the feeling that I have missed more than I […]

Manipal’s Laterite Landscapes

June 15, 2016

I imagine it’s August and close my eyes. I see myself standing amidst a carpet of flowers while looking at a pair of Malabar Larks working their way through the […]

Predators in the Rainforest

April 15, 2016

Rainforests can be called the laboratories of life. Over half of all plant and animal species are found in these eco-systems that occupy less than 6% of the Earth’s area. […]


February 15, 2016

Orchids bring various words to one’s mind: unique, beautiful and exotic. People admire orchids for various reasons – some like their beauty, some wonder about their diverse habitat and some […]

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