Bangalore has earned the epithet of ‘nature photographers’ capital’, and Karnataka is home to a large number of keen wildlife photographers. What better way to showcase their powerful imagery than through ‘Photo-Stories’?

Manipal’s Laterite Landscapes

June 15, 2016

I imagine it’s August and close my eyes. I see myself standing amidst a carpet of flowers while looking at a pair of Malabar Larks working their way through the […]

Predators in the Rainforest

April 15, 2016

Rainforests can be called the laboratories of life. Over half of all plant and animal species are found in these eco-systems that occupy less than 6% of the Earth’s area. […]


February 15, 2016

Orchids bring various words to one’s mind: unique, beautiful and exotic. People admire orchids for various reasons – some like their beauty, some wonder about their diverse habitat and some […]

The Wildlife In Your Backyard

January 01, 2016

I found myself living a wildlife photographer’s worst nightmare a few years ago, when I moved to Bengaluru to pursue a research career in molecular ecology. While the work at […]

Fighting Forest Fires

December 01, 2015

On a lovely spring morning in mid-March of 2014, Jadeyappa, Deputy Ranger of Bandipur, was heading out for the day. This year, the forest fire season had been unusually quiet. […]

Destination Daroji

October 01, 2015

For wildlife enthusiasts, Daroji and Sloth Bears are synonymous! Why not? After all, Daroji is the first Bear Sanctuary in the country. You are more or less certain of being […]

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