Inspired by Ganesh H Shankar’s artistic and creative photography, I look for subjects which can be captured uniquely. In this approach, it involves not only spotting a good subject, but also looking for aesthetic surroundings and backdrops. I spotted this orange bug on one such interesting creeper, when I was at Sringeri, near Chikmagalur. After trying to photograph it against the trees in the background, I realised that shooting against the bright, afternoon sky would yield better results. I used a low intensity fill-in flash to illuminate the bug and get a high-key image; the semi-translucent leaves added to the drama.

Getting parallel to the creeper and composing a frame including five leaves was not easy to execute. Since the bug was 2.5 to 3 feet above the ground, lying down completely gave too wide a perspective. So, I had to photograph the right frame by adopting a stance similar to doing abs crunches. By the time I got satisfactory photos, I was tired and sweating profoundly, but got up with glee on my face.

This image was awarded the ‘Special Mention’ at the Creative Nature Photography Contest For #Stilltolife, 2017.